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We are thrilled to add a hint of Norwegian flair to our menu, drawing inspiration from the purity and simplicity of Scandinavian cuisine. We have everything you could want, from delicate chocolates to hearty soups.

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To enhance their unique flavours and aromas, our beans are hand-picked and skillfully roasted. There’s something for everyone at Cuppa Beans, with a mix that’s smooth and mellow or a roast that’s bold and robust. To have the best possible coffee experience, begin at home with freshly ground beans.

Simply add hot water and stir to enjoy a rich and creamy cup of coffee anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy the best of both worlds in one convenient packet with our Coffee Premix, which is prepared with pride by our Norwegian brand—you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for convenience. Instant coffee just got better with our Coffee Premix packets.

This tea is made with premium leaves that have a subtle cardamom scent. These tea kinds are perfect for any time of day because they are warm and spicy. You can enjoy and taste a distinct flavour with our cardamom tea, lemon tea, and masala tea relish.

For a creamy beverage, use our Dairy Whitener. Made with premium dairy ingredients, it gives your tea, coffee, or hot chocolate another layer of richness and creaminess. The taste is enhanced by our unique Norwegian touch.

You may easily prepare delectable homemade soup with our soup premixes. All you need to do to enjoy a tasty cup of soup is open our easy-to-open packets with hot water. There are many different kinds.

With our selection of wholesome snacks, you can stay energised while travelling. With our wholesome snacks, your hunger and energy levels will be satisfied while you’re out and about.

Each box includes carefully selected coffee grinds, ensuring a delicious and reliable brew every time. made with precision and understanding of our Norwegian heritage. Cuppadrip simplifies the process of brewing coffee by pre-packaging coffee grounds into convenient drip packets.

 It is compatible with most pod coffee makers and offers a quick and easy way to have a great cup of coffee in a few minutes. Cuppapods, proudly imported from Norway, offer a wide variety of flavours and roasts to satisfy even the pickiest palette. To preserve flavour and freshness, these tiny pods are sealed after being filled with expertly prepared coffee blends.

With our Cuppa Delight Chocolates, savour a touch of Norwegian elegance. Our expertly crafted chocolates will give your day a hint of Scandinavian flair.

Drawn from the unspoiled natural springs of Norway, this water will quench your thirst with its clear, pleasant flavour. Capturing the essence of Norway’s unspoiled landscapes, Norvann water is bottled directly from the source.


To accommodate different tastes and interests, we provide a wide variety of food and beverage alternatives. Our menu offers something for everyone, including coffee pre-mixes, soup pre-mixes, chocolates, and Water straight from the Fjords. in addition to freshly prepared coffee and speciality teas. Look through our inventory to discover the ideal snack and beverage!

We perform thorough quality tests on every item to make sure it satisfies our exacting requirements for safety, flavour, and freshness before delivery. Every product that leaves our plant is meticulously inspected by our team to ensure that it is fresh, properly packaged, and meets quality requirements. This ensures that you will always receive the best items.

Our carefully chosen assortment of premium coffee beans, known as Cuppa Beans, are obtained from the world's best coffee-growing countries. Cuppa Beans are carefully chosen for their outstanding quality, aroma, and taste characteristics. They are then expertly roasted to provide a smooth and fulfilling cup of coffee every time.

Purchasing food and drinks from us is a simple and quick process! Just go through our online menu, pick the things you want, and add them to your cart. After making your selections, click the "checkout" button and follow the instructions to provide your payment and shipping information. Sit back, relax, and await the arrival of your delicious treats delivered right to your doorstep!

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