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Solar Power

We are dedicated to assisting you in using the potential of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient lighting solutions. In addition to helping you save money on energy costs, our solar power and LED services also lessen carbon emissions and promote environmental sustainability.

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Grow your business with us

Glocal View can help your business grow! We can handle all of your needs, including solar power, PEB constructions, roofing, and training. Investigate right now and move forward with your success.

You can use solar energy to harness the sun’s plentiful power to create electricity for your house or place of business. From system design and early consulting through installation and upkeep, Glocal View provides all-inclusive solar solutions. Together, you and our team of professionals will determine your energy requirements and develop a solar system that will optimize savings and energy independence.

Utilizing solar energy allows you to:

  • Cut back on the use of conventional fossil fuels.
  • Cut your electricity bills to save money over the long run.
  • Get financial assistance and incentives from the government to develop renewable energy installations.
  • Attempt to leave a cleaner, greener planet for future generations.¬†
  • Glocal View provides the know-how to make your solar energy dreams come true, whether you want to install solar panels on your roof or install a ground-mounted system.

Glocal View provides options to assist you improve the lighting in your home while reducing your electricity expenses. You may have brighter, more consistent lighting throughout your space by using less electricity. This not only makes the space feel cozier but also prolongs the life of your lighting fixtures, which eventually means lower maintenance costs. Whether you want to retrofit old LED fixtures or install new ones, our experts will evaluate your lighting needs and offer customized solutions to meet your needs and budget. Allow Glocal View to assist you in giving your tenants a more cozy and effective living space.

Why Choose Glocal View?

  • Specialists with years of experience who specialize in lighting and renewable energy.
  • Solutions that are especially created to satisfy your needs and goals.
  • Superior installations and products for enduring dependability and performance.
  • Dedication to continuing assistance and client satisfaction.

Energy Efficiency Solutions

Glocal View is committed to providing comprehensive energy solutions that go beyond solar power and LED lighting. Our mission is to maximise operational efficiency while assisting businesses in minimising their energy use and environmental impact. Additionally, we focus on enhancing overall energy efficiency.
  1.  Energy Audits: To evaluate your present energy usage habits and pinpoint areas for improvement, we start with comprehensive energy audits. Our skilled staff examines the energy systems, machinery, and procedures in your establishment to find inefficiencies and areas that could be optimised.
  2. Energy Management Systems: We provide cutting-edge energy management systems that let you monitor and manage your facility’s energy use in real time. These solutions support you in monitoring energy usage, spotting patterns, and putting strategies into action to reduce waste and increase efficiency.
  3. Energy-Efficient Upgrades: We install solar electricity and LED lighting among other energy-efficient upgrades in your building. This can mean replacing the insulation, installing energy-efficient devices and appliances, and updating the HVAC system.
  4. Behavioural Training and Awareness: We think that reaching energy efficiency targets requires employee engagement. To teach your employees energy-saving techniques and promote sustainable workplace habits, we provide training programmes and awareness campaigns.
  5. Ongoing Monitoring and Optimisation: After the initial implementation, we remain dedicated to energy efficiency. We offer continuous optimisation and monitoring services to make sure your energy systems are operating at peak efficiency. We examine data, spot areas that might use even more improvement, and collaborate with you to put any necessary adjustments into practice.


Solar panels, which employ photovoltaic cells to turn sunlight into electricity, are a means of using solar energy. With the use of an inverter, direct current (DC) electricity generated by these solar-powered cells may be transformed into alternating current (AC) electricity, which can be used to power buildings and commercial spaces.

Numerous advantages come with LED lighting, including energy economy, longevity, durability, rapid illumination, and a wide range of colour possibilities. Furthermore, because they don't contain dangerous materials like mercury, LED lights are environmentally benign.

Despite being most effective in direct sunlight, solar panels can still generate electricity during cloudy weather or low-light conditions. Moreover, surplus electricity produced during sunny periods can be stored in batteries for use during nighttime or when sunlight is scarce. Experience the power of solar energy and LED lighting today for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Energy-efficient lighting options known as light-emitting diodes, or LED lights, create light by running an electrical current through a semiconductor. LED lights are more energy-efficient, last longer, and produce less heat than conventional incandescent bulbs.

Utilising solar energy lowers carbon emissions, lowers electricity costs, fosters energy independence, lessens dependency on fossil fuels, and improves the environment. Solar panels can also raise the value of your home and need less maintenance.

Indeed, LED lights are adaptable and suitable for a wide range of lighting applications, such as outdoor, commercial, industrial, residential, and decorative lighting. To accommodate a range of requirements and tastes, they are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and brightness levels.

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