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Roofing and False Ceilings

At Glocal View, we recognise the significance of sturdy roofing and false ceilings in establishing the ideal ambience within a residence or commercial space. Not only do our roofing and false ceiling services improve the area’s appearance, but they are also made to last the weather. We supply high-tensile galvanized roofing for both indoor and outdoor applications, along with steel and aluminum false ceilings.

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Glocal View can help your business grow! We can handle all of your needs, including solar power, PEB constructions, roofing, and training. Investigate right now and move forward with your success.

The roof acts as the first line of defense against wind, snow, rain, and strong sunshine. Our team of highly qualified professionals specializes in installing, repairing, and maintaining various types of roofs, such as metal, tile, and shingle roofs. We use high-quality materials and innovative installation techniques to ensure the roof looks great and is strong for many years to come.

Glocal View can help whether you’re building a new house or need to replace an outdated, damaged roof. In close collaboration with the client, we will ascertain needs and preferences before offering tailored solutions that adhere to schedule and cost constraints. We’ll take meticulous and considerate care of every stage of the process, from inspections and consultations to finished installations.

Despite its frequent disdain, the ceiling plays a crucial role in setting the feel of a place. A variety of ceiling choices are available from Glocal View to complement any decor or space. We have the expertise to turn your vision into reality, whether you want to add a touch of luxury with exquisite tiles or panels or you prefer a traditional look with plain plasterboard.

Our expert artisans focus on every little thing, guaranteeing flawless installations and finishes. Together, we will select the ideal blend of hues, materials, and textures to give your ceiling the style you’ve always wanted.

Why Glocal View For Roofing and False Ceilings?

Project Process and Timeline

At Glocal View, we value openness and lucidity at every stage of the project. Here are the project process and schedule you may anticipate when you hire us for your roofing and false ceiling solutions:
  1. Initial session: To review your project needs, objectives, and preferences, we first schedule an initial session. This enables us to fully comprehend your needs and adjust our solutions accordingly.
  2. Site evaluation: To analyse the current situation and pinpoint any possible difficulties or opportunities, our knowledgeable staff will carry out a comprehensive site evaluation. This stage guarantees that our solutions are tailored to your unique site specifications.
  3. Design and Proposal: We will create a comprehensive design and proposal for your roofing and false ceiling project based on the data acquired during the consultation and site assessment. This gives you a comprehensive picture of the suggested solution and includes specifications, material estimates, and cost estimates.
  4. Permission and Scheduling: After the proposal and design are complete, we’ll schedule a time to get your permission before moving further. We’ll plan the job depending on timeliness and mutual availability once we have your consent.
  5. Implementation: Following the predetermined design and timeline, our knowledgeable staff will thereafter carry out the installation of the fake ceiling and roofing solutions. We place a high value on effectiveness and fine craftsmanship to guarantee that the project is finished to your satisfaction.
  6. Quality Assurance: To maintain the highest levels of workmanship and make sure the project is moving forward without hiccups, we carry out routine quality checks during the implementation process.
  7. Project Completion and Handover: We’ll conduct a final inspection once the project is finished to make sure everything lives up to your expectations. We will formally give you the finished roofing and false ceiling solutions after you’re satisfied.
  8. Post-Installation Support: We are available to offer continuous support and help as needed even after the project is finished. Our staff is available via phone if you need maintenance services or have any queries or issues.


A ceiling is a room's upper surface, while a false ceiling is an extra ceiling that is built below the real ceiling. Common uses for false ceilings include enhancing insulation, hiding wiring, and adding visual appeal.

The selection of materials, labour expenses, and the amount of the area to be covered all have a significant impact on the cost of false ceilings and roofing. It's crucial to talk about your needs with a contractor and then get a customised price.

Several considerations, such as cost, utility, and appearance, will determine the best type of false ceiling for your roof. Common options include hardwood panels, PVC panels, metal grids, and gypsum boards.

Project size, design complexity, and material availability are some of the elements that affect how long roofing and false ceiling construction takes. A contractor who has assessed your particular needs can offer a more accurate timeframe.

Not all materials used to make artificial ceilings are naturally watertight. Other materials, like PVC panels, on the other hand, are resistant to moisture and perfect for usage in environments with high humidity levels or frequent exposure to water. It's essential to use the right materials and install them correctly to prevent water damage.

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